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Sergej Prokofjev -- 25 oktober 1913

25 October
Studied Liszt's wonderful concerto in the morning. In the afternoon I went through it with Tcherepnin and attended the Requiem Mass marking thye twentieth anniversary of Tschaikovsky's death.
At home I finished composing and tidying up my Musical Letter to Zakharov. I had the idea for this in Helsingfors, working out all the text and music as I walked along the embankments and sat in a Finnish café. The music is of course not serious, but it is, I think, the first time that I have composed away from the piano.
Don't laugh, it's not at all a bad method. When I got back to St Petersburg and sat down to play on the piano what I had written, to start with I hated it, but a day later I already liked it.
In the evening I enjoyed a session at the Sokol.

Sergej Prokofjev (1891-1953) was een Russische musicus en componist. Hij hield een groot deel van zijn leven een dagboek bij.

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