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Sergej Prokofjev -- 15 oktober 1913

15 October
I asked to be woken at half past eight and pressed on with the ballet. I decidcd to compose it in five to six weeks and then to notate it at record speed. The work is going extremely well, although my English is suffering in con-sequence and I did not learn all my vocabulary for Miss Isaacs today. I spent the evening with Bashkirov, who has been trying to telephone me for three days without success and had come to the conclusion that I was angry with him. He was verv taken with the subject of the ballet, and promised to think about it himself, letting his imagination run over the details. He took me home afterwards.

Sergej Prokofjev (1891-1953) was een Russische musicus en componist. Hij hield een groot deel van zijn leven een dagboek bij.

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