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Lev Tolstoj -- 20 oktober 1852

October 20th. — Wrote much (3 whole sections), and that fairly well. Until dusk stayed with Nikolenka. Chatted without restraint and with pleasure.

Work, work. Work is a great factor.

V. has been telling me of cures for fever: to kiss a mare on the head, to drink, to wash in water in which a crucifix has been dipped as the wizard and quack does (who lives at V.), to throw an egg over a gate, and, without answering any questions, to run at full speed and fall flat upon one's face, and so forth. The post is, unfortunately, torturing me. Have received a letter from Brimmer, who writes that the document confirming me cadet has been dispatched. However, it has not yet arrived.

Lev (Leo) Nikolajevitsj Tolstoj (1828–1910) was een Russische schrijver die veel invloed heeft gehad op de Russische literatuur en politiek. Uit: The diaries of Leo Tolstoy.

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