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Joseph Wilson Holly -- 21 augustus 1880

Saturday 21 - Help Frank shingle the hatch way. Go to Austinville, get the mail. All is well, thanks be to God.

Sunday, August 22, 1880 - Stay at home all day. Fine day. Hear that Mr. Lyman Reynolds is buried today at Mansfield PA. All is well.

Monday 23 - Help Frank put rougf on the south side of the kitchen. Warm day, all is well.

Tuesday 24 - Chore. Put up lightning rods. Cut and trim around. Warm day. All is well.

Wednesday, August 25, 1880 - Take Frank out home. Go to Janes. Rains some. Turns cool today. All is well.

Thursday 26 - Dig 20 bushels of potatoes for the first this year. Cloudy all day. All is well with us. Thanks be to God.

Friday 27 - Dig potatoes all day. Warm day. Silas Wilson oldest girl dies today. Betsey is her name. All is well with us.

1880 Diary of Joseph W. Holly (1820?-18??) of Sullivan Township

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