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Greg 'Groggy' Lehey -- 14 augustus 1967

Monday, 14 August 1967 Lüneburg
Previously (i.e. last week) I though it mainly due to laziness that I do not get up in time for breakfast. Now I am beginning to wonder. I honestly do not feel like eating what grotty breakfast they serve up—or at least, this is the way I felt after breakfast on Saturday. As a result, although I got quite early to bed last night—and why not?—there is nothing to do in this town.
At the beginning of class, was given a letter with a Sandown postmark, which proved to be from Paul, although first I had hoped it would be a letter of apology from Jenni—not that, come what may, I would ever take her back (or at any rather, that is how I feel now).
Oh, these classes get me down—though admittedly not so much today as last week. Damn it, when it is all boiled down, it is not even as bad as it was at school—and besides, what to do when I get out? Read Paul's letter—very amusing, as he usually is. I shall have to put a bit more humour in my own letters. Also letters from Sandy, Mum and (in the same envelope) Maria. Not bad—each from a different continent. I shall have to get to know somebody in Africa, though I fear that the Postal Services in Antarctica are almost non-existent.
Diktats back after break (Pause)—not very good, mainly because of my somewhat inebriated state last Friday. I shall have to stay sober—though I would like to know what use Diktats are anyway.
Then to lunch, which I have decided must cost Frau Becker less than makan malam [evening meal], for at any rate it is not so pleasant (not that I say that when Frau Becker comes along at the end of the meal and demands „Schmeckt es Ihnen“ in her impersonal way.
After lunch, to my little stationery shop, and bought some airmail stuff in more practical format than the stuff I bought a couple of weeks ago, and off to the Institut, where I wrote a lengthy reply to Paul's letter (which, after all, was the first), and then off to post it, and back again to correct my Diktat and write an Übung on what we had done this morning.
Then, too soon for my liking, having consumed the most disgusting cigar (or, to be more precise, Zigarillo) that I have ever consumed, back to class, and got Saturday's tests back, which, fortunately, were not nearly as bad (or at least, mine wasn't—got a 2, and only one bloke got a 1), and spent the rest of both periods going through them. A couple of silly mistakes, but mainly a case of not knowing—I shall have to study a bit more. Nevertheless, I think my German is improving in the spoken language, which is what is most important.
In the evening, delay at makan, but ended up so „sat“ [sic; should be „satt“, i.e. satiated] that I could hardly move. Wrote a bit to Sandy before the light failed (in TV room,) and a bit later, saw a film on the life of Mozart, which was not very good—made him seem like a nice bloke.

Greg 'Groggy' Lehey houdt al sinds 1963 een dagboek bij.

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