dinsdag 1 januari 2013

Phil -- 29 december 2000


The garage over the road confirm the cost of repairing my brothers car will run into several hundreds, and so for him, is uneconomical. He cashes in the remaining road tax and insurance and sidelines the car for later sale as spares, or scrapping. My parents however are divided as to whether or not to help him out (he still owes them several hundred for outstanding repairs and insurance). On the one hand it takes the load of my parents, and removes any excuse for him quitting his college course. On the other it sends out a bad "we’ll bail you out if you’re a prat, and smash your car up" message, and he’s already (in my parents eyes) highly irresponsible. Me I just veg for the day. One of those CDs I bought is surprisingly good - Dido, No Angel.

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