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Luman Putnam -- 5 januari 1872

Friday, 5
Third day of Last Quarter.
The morning was quite cloudy, the weather continuing moderate. At seven o’clock the temperature, according to the thermometer, was 29 degrees. The day remained cloudy and the temperature continued moderate, thawing some, until towards night when the clouds broke away and the weather began to grow a little colder. The evening is fair and the mercury shows a temperature of 26 degrees at five o’clock.
Spent a considerable portion of the time, at different periods of the day with my books and newspapers, and some other portions splitting some wood for the cooking stove and cutting and preparing some for my own use in the library. Besides all this, commenced to fill my new scrap book and spent considerable time inserting pieces that I have been for some time saving, and also, early in the afternoon went up to the Post Office and got the Reporter and a Meriden paper sent by A. M. Bailey. Towards night Luman came and put up, but went up to the Centre in the evening.

Luman Putnam (1801-1880?) hield een groot deel van zijn leven een dagboek bij.

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