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William Maclay -- 5 september 1789

September 5th. — Worse. Confined mostly to bed. Visited by sundry gentlemen. Scott, Heister, Fitzsimons called in the evening. The Susquehanna, Potomac, and Delaware in every mouth. I find Mr. Wynkoop has revived his hopes of the Delaware. He said, "If we lose the Susquehanna, then it will be fixed at the Delaware." I looked hard at him, and asked if he had seen Mr. Morris. He answered "No," hesitatingly. I find by several hints this day that there is some new scheme on foot.

Mr. Wynkoop urged me so incessantly about a doctor that I unfortunately said yes. He asked who I knew. I said Dr. Treat. He was gone in a moment, and soon after Treat and Rodgers called, very well dressed. The sole point I wished them to attend to was my left knee. I could hardly get them to look at it. They said it was immaterial. Aren't you a good hand at taking medicine? No (faintly). You are all over indisposed; you must undergo a course of physic; you must take a course of antimonials to alter your blood. A vomit, said the other, to clean your stomach. I begged leave to observe that I was well circumstanced in my body, both as to urine and blood; had not a high fever. My knee, gentlemen; my knee. And I showed it to them, flayed as it was with blistering. Here is my great pain. "Poultice it with Indian mush, and we will send you some stuff to put on file poultice; and the antimonial wine, etc.; the drops and the laudanum," etc. They seemed to me like storekeepers, with their country customers; won't you take this, and this? You must take this, and this, etc.

William Maclay (1737-1804) was een Amerikaanse politicus. In de tijd dat hij senator was voor Pennsylvania (1789-1991) hield hij een 'journal' bij.

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