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Laura Ingalls Wilder -- 16 augustus 1894

August 16
On our way at 7:25. Fido is quite friendly this morning, he still seems sad but he has stopped trembling and seems content to sit in my lap and look at the country we are passing. The wheat crop is bountiful here and the corn crop is pretty good. There is a coal bank where men mine the coal and sell all they dig for $ 1.25 a ton.
At 5 in the afternoon we came through Ottawa. There is a North and a South Ottawa, separated by the Maradegene River. They are the county seat of Franklin County. The men of Ottawa stole the county seat in the night, from another town, and for some time they had to guard it withe the militia, to keep it. The court house is quite an imposing building.
The Santa Fe Railroad hospital is in the north edge of North Ottawa, a large brick building. It looks very clean. In South Ottawa there is a handsome college building made of native stone. In all the towns now there are many colored people.
We camped on the bank of the Rock Creek in the auburbs of South Ottawa. Two men coming by stopped and looked at Prince for some time and as they went on the elderly said to the other, "That is the nicest colt I have seen for years." The hens are laying yet.

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) was een Anmerikaanse schrijfster (van Little House on the Prairie). On the Way Home is "The diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, in 1994".

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