woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Antonio de las Alas-- 9 augustus 1945

August 9, 1945
Big News. Russia declared war against Japan. This is now practically a war by the whole world against Japan. Taking into consideration the military strength of Russia, the Pacific War cannot last much longer.
For the first time the Americans dropped in Hiroshima, Japan, an atom bomb. Its destructive power is beyond classification. It is said that it is equal to bombs thrown by 2,000 superfortresses. It kills everything and lays waste an area covering a radius of seven miles.
With Russia’s entry and this new bomb, Japan will have to surrender.

Antonio de las Alas (1898-1992) was een Filippijnse ploliticus en bestuurder. Bij The Philippine Diary Project staan fragmeneten uit zijn dagboeken.

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