donderdag 12 juli 2012

Susan Sontag -- 13 juli 1958



Every person has his mystery.

The way each man dances to the bouzouki music expresses his mystery. He is praying to himself. He propitiates his own mystery, he is transported, he experiences a catharsis.

The drugged look of the dancer. He plays on the edge of equilibrium. He is a serpent and coils his body. He is a bird and revolves his arms like wings. He is an animal and stoops to all fours.

The dancer slaps his thigh or pinches himself, to keep man¬ageable his state of possession.

While one dances, the rest watch. Each dances alone. The watchers hiss to keep away unfriendly spirits. When he is finished they may toast the dancer's health; they do not applaud, for it is not a performance.

The bouzouki singer, a small woman with a big head and short arms and a voice which is part witch, part child— which laments and pleads and exults and whines . . .

Tasting a new city is like tasting a new wine.

Reborn bevat (dagboek)notities van schrijfster Susan Sontag (1933-2004) uit de periode 1947-1963.

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