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William Appleton -- 8 augustus 1852

William Appleton (1786-1862) was een Amerikaanse handelsman en politicus. Een selectie uit zijn dagboeken staat hier online.

AUGUST 2nd. [1852] Mr. Kennedy came to live with me. 3rd. The last three days quite cool, winter garments pleasant. 8th. At Mr. Butler's Church; most of the day taken up in arranging to send home the remains of Mr. Rantoul. 9th. At House. Very handsome address on the announcement ot the death of Mr. Rantoul by Mr. Mann & Sumner. 18th. Not quite well — stomach out ot order. 19th. Mrs. Kennedy came to stop with us. 20th. At House late; rather warm & tiresome; want of order in the House. Charles has returned improved. 27th. At House & Committee. I had a dinner party for Mr. Ingersoll, Prince, Mr. Webster, Crittenden, Conrad, Hall, Gen. Scott. Dr. Pyne, Mr. McClellan, Faulkner, Mr. Perly of Nova Scotia, Mr. Markoe & Kennedy. 29th. Sunday. At Committee from nine to six on conference with Committee of Senate; quite ill the last night trom Indigestion. 30th. At House & Committee until nine o'clock when we adjourned till 9. Tuesday. 31th. At nine went to the House, adjourned at twelve.

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