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James Woodforde -- 6 augustus 1801

James Woodforde (1740-1803) was dominee in het dorp Weston Longville in het Engelse Norfolk. Hij hield 44 jaar een dagboek bij; gedeeltes daaruit zijn gepubliceerd als The Diary of a Country Parson 1758 – 1802.

August 2, Sunday. ... I waked this Morning in kind of a Fit in a very violent Perspiration & depres-sion of Spirits. It was very hot all the Night long, and my Bed Curtains too close drawn, and also too much Gloaths upon my Bed in such hot Weather. Mr. Dade read Prayers & Preached this Mom' at Weston-Church. Mr. & Mrs. Custance there. Nancy was also at Church to day.

August 6, Thursday ... Had a large Parcel of Papers brought to me this Evening by a Stranger containing directions in case of an Invasion with a Letter from the Bishop requesting the Clergy to be attentive and active in the same. It hurried and affected me a great deal indeed. It contained directions what is to be done in case of a real Invasion - An Account of all Stock to be taken & to be removed &c. &c.

August 8, Saturday ... Begun Harvest this Morn' in cutting Oats. Dinner to day, Calfs Fry & Heart rosted &c. Great Feats done again by Admiral Nelson over the French and also the Spaniards, also of besieging Bologne in France &c.'

August 10, Monday ... Begun cutting Peas this Morn' in the Field. A Parish Meeting held this Evening at the Heart to take into consideration the Papers lately recd. concerning what is to be done in case of an Invasion of the French on this Country. Dinner to day, Beans and Bacon &c. I was very nervous and weak to day, much agitated not knowing what to do at the present Crisis & wanting Health & Strength am scarce able to do even the most trivial action.

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