vrijdag 6 mei 2016

Astrid Lindgren -- 7 mei 1945

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) was een Zweedse kinderboekenauteur. Vorig jaar is haar oorlogsdagboek gepubliceerd.

7 May 1945
It’s VE Day! The war’s over! The war’s over! THE WAR’S OVER!
At 2.41 p.m. (I think), the capitulation was signed in a little red schoolhouse in Reims [...] by which all German forces in the whole of Europe surrendered. Norway is free now, too. At this very moment, a wild sense of jubilation is spreading across Stockholm. Kungsgatan is ankle deep in layers of paper and everyone’s behaving as if they’ve gone crazy. We sang the Norwegian national anthem at work after the radio broadcast at 3 o’ clock. Sture isn’t in for dinner this evening, but he sent home a bottle of sherry so we could celebrate the peace. Just at the moment they’re playing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ on the radio. I’ve been drinking sherry with Linnea and Lars and feel a bit light-headed. It’s spring and the sun is shining on this blessed day and the war is over. I wouldn’t want to be German. Just think, the war’s over, Hitler’s dead (there are jubilant shouts and cheers on the radio now; Stockholm has completely taken leave of its senses).

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