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Mary Chesnut -- 20 februari 1865

Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut (1823-1886) was de vrouw van een Amerikaanse senator. Dagboekaantekeningen van haar hand zijn gepubliceerd als A Diary from Dixie.

February 20th. - Mrs. Preston was offended by the story of Buck's performance at the Ive's. General Breckinridge told her "it was the most beautifully unconscious act he ever saw." The General was leaning against the wall, Buck standing guard by him "on her two feet." The crowd surged that way, and she held out her arm to protect him from the rush. After they had all passed she handed him his crutches, and they, too, moved slowly away. Mrs. Davis said: "Any woman in Richmond would have done the same joyfully, but few could do it so gracefully. Buck is made so conspicuous by her beauty, whatever she does can not fail to attract attention."

Johnny stayed at home only one day; then went to his plantation, got several thousand Confederate dollars, and in the afternoon drove out with Mrs. K - . At the Bee Store he spent a thousand of his money; bought us gloves and linen. Well, one can do without gloves, but linen is next to life itself.

Yesterday the President walked home from church with me. He said he was so glad to see my husband at church; had never seen him there before remarked on how well he looked, etc. I replied that he looked so well "because you have never before seen him in the part of 'the right man in the right place.' " My husband has no fancy for being planted in pews, but he is utterly Christian in his creed.

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