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Koningin Victoria -- 10 februari 1840

Koningin Victoria van Engeland (1819-1901) hield een groot deel van haar leven een dagboek bij.

February 10, 1840
The last time I slept alone. Got up at 1/4 to 9, - well, and having slept well; and breakfasted at 1/2 p. 9. Mama came before and brought me a nosegay of orange flowers. My dearest kindest Lehzen gave me a dear little ring. Wrote my Journal, and to Lord M. Had my hair dressed & the wreath of orange flowers put on. Saw my precious Albert for the last time alone, as my Bridegroom. Dressed. Saw Uncle, and Ernest who dearest Albert brought up. At 1/2 p. 12 I set off; dearest Albert having gone before. I wore a white satin gown, with a very deep flounce of Honiton lace, imitation of old. I wore my Turkish diamond necklace and earrings, and my Angels beautiful sapphire broach [sic]. Mama and the Duchess of Sutherland went in the carriage with me; I subjoin an account of the whole, which is pretty correct, only that they put in that I cried, and I did not shed one tear the whole time, and some other foolish things about Albert which they have said. To return to my going to St. James's, I never saw such crowds of people as there were in the Park, and they cheered most enthusiastically ...
The Ceremony was very imposing, and fine and simple, and I think ought to make an everlasting impression on every one who promises at the Altar to keep what he or she promises. Dearest Albert repeated everything very distinctly. I felt so happy when the ring was put on, and by my precious Albert. As soon as the Service was over, the Procession returned as it came, with the exception that my beloved Albert led me out. The applause was very great, in the Colour Court, as we came through; lord Melbourne, good man, was very much affected during the Ceremony and at the applause ...
At 20 m. to 4 Lord Melbourne came to me and stayed with me till 10 m. to 4. I shook hands with him and he kissed and pressed my hand. Talked of how well everything went off. 'Nothing could have gone off better,' he said, and of the people being in such good humour and having also received him well; of my receiving the Addresses from the House of Lords and Commons; of his coming down to Windsor in time for dinner. I begged him not to go to the party; he was a little tired; I would let him know when we arrived; I pressed his hand once more, and he said: 'God bless you, Ma'm.' most kindly, and with such a kind look.
Dearest Albert came up and fetched me downstairs, where we took leave of Mama and drove off at near 4; I and Albert alone, which was so delightful. There was an immense crowd of people outside the Palace, and which I must say never ceased till we reached Windsor Castle. Our reception was most enthusiastic and hearty and gratifying in every way: the people quite deafening us; and horsemen and gigs &c. drivïng along with us. We came through Eton where all the Boys received us most kindly, - and cheered and shouted. Really I was quite touched ...
At 1/2 p. 10 I went and undressed and was very sick, and at 20 m. p. 10 we both went to bed; (of course in one bed), to be by his side, and in his arms, and on his dear bosom, and be called by names of tenderness, I have never yet heard used to me before - was bliss beyond belief! Oh! this was the happiest day of my life! - May God help me to do my duty as I ought and be worthy of such blessings!

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