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George Orwell -- 17 november 1939

George Orwell (1903-1950) was een Britse schrijver en journalist. Zijn dagboeken zijn gepubliceerd als Diaries. gedeeltes eruit zijn hier te lezen.

11.17.39: Still, overcast but not more than a few spots of rain. Transplanted the remaining currant bushes except 2, which still have their leaves rather green. One of the bushes had layered itself. Cut the layer off & planted it experimentally. Limed another strip. There will be just enough lime for the remainder of the vacant patch but not for where the bushes have been. To do the whole garden would need a cwt. [centum weight, ca. 50 kilo] or somewhat over. Collected another sack of dead leaves. Added a little to compost heap.
7 eggs (actually 8 but one broken).

11.18.39: Rather rainy. Went into Baldock but failed to get any rose bushes. Bought a peony root which perhaps I can plant at the corner instead of a rose. Clarke's say the shortage of grains, or difficulty of sending them to & fro, is actually much greater than the papers make out. Saw a bird which I think must have been a golden plover, though so far as I know they are not found round here. Slightly larger than a snipe (it was certainly not a snipe), redshank type of flight, but its back was brownish. Too far away to see its beak. The only thing that makes me doubtful is that its belly was almost white.
9 eggs. Sold 1 score @ 4/4. (According to Clarke's the Gov.t are controlling the price at 4/-). Total this week 46.

11.19.39: Some rain last night. Today still, fairly fine. Winter time (deferred 2 months owing to the war) starts today so have to give the hens their evening meal about 3 pm. Dug one trench, transplanted the little rose (the one that was overgrown by the lavender) & planted peony (price of root 6d). These don't generally bloom the following year. Afraid I may have put the 3 peonies too close together.
5 eggs. (Notice nearly always a bad lay after a wet day, as yesterday).

11.20.39: Fine, still, reasonably warm. Planted 6 lupins (paid 9d), said to he mixed colours. NB. that Titley says that with lupins one should spread their roots out & not insert them too deep. Limed & began digging the final strip. This will need more doing than the rest as the ground is very sour & full of weeds. Cut down the remaining phloxes, tied up some of the chrysanthemums which had been blown over. Difficult to do much these afternoons now it is winter-time. The chrysanths now in full flower, mostly dark reddy-brown, & few ugly purple & white ones which I shan't keep. Roses still attempting to flower, otherwise no flowers in the garden now. Michaelmas daisies are over & I have cut some of them down. The 2nd lot of Brussels sprouts (planted as little plants 8.19.39) sprouting up, also some of the savoys planted at the same time beginning to hearten up a little. All that lot are small kinds. None of my broccoli yet heading to any extent, though the plants have grown well. T. says oak leaves make the best mould, & then beech.
8 eggs. Sold 8 @ 2d each (a mistake - price miscalculated).

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