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Caroline Barnes Crosby -- 23 november 1854

• Caroline Barnes Crosby (1807-1884) was een mormoonse Amerikaanse vrouw, die in haar dagboeken (gepubliceerd in No Place To Call Home) veel heeft vastgelegd over het leven in een mormonengemeenschap in de 19de eeuw.

Thurs 23rd Very foggy and unpleasant. Sister Horner went to the city, and invited F, and me, to accompany her, but I was quite unwell, and F did not feel in the spirit of going. It was the day appointed by the Gov, for prayer, and thanksgiving. And as it was also our weekly prayer meeting day, br Morris went in, and held a meeting. They returned quite late. Mr C—— Alma, and myself are complaining of a billious disease. Evening passed very agreeably. Br Ira lecturing on phrenology. I read some in Moore’s poems. Br Blackwell and Jonson spent evening with us. Mr C and br Morris read several anecdotes from newspapers &C.

Frid 24th foggy again. Sister H called in, said she was going to Union city, that Wm Horners child was very sick, and also Mrs Forbes. Isaac Horner has lately buried a child, about 20 months old. She informed us that sister Woodbury came down yesterday, and went to sister Sargent’s to work, Near 9 oclock the sun shines very clear and bright. My health is much improved. Read Shakespeare. This evening Alma is complaining of his bowels.

Sat 25th Quite pleasant. Br Horner, and Wm went over the bay. Br Blackwell went to the city. F—— sent letter to Lois. I fi nished my dress, aired my clothes, &C.

Sun 26th Very pleasant day. None of us went to church. F, and myself took a walk, over to neighbor Lovlands. Carried her a boquet of fl owers, found her bathing. Her babe is much better, than it has been. We had a pleasant time. She took a short walk with us, promised to visit us in the course of the week. I felt very unwell, and lay down awhile after we reached home. Evening I read Moore and Biron. Found it injured my eyes, they pained me considerably, untill 12 oclock. It was near one before I slept any.

Mon 27th Also pleasant. F and I washed. I felt quite as well as usual. Higgins boarding with us, Mr Thair called in the evening.

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