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Moritz Busch -- 19 oktober 1877

Julius Hermann Moritz Busch (1821-1899) was een Duitse schrijver, vooral bekend van zijn geschriften over Bismarck, zoals Bismarck; some secret pages of his history.

Friday, October l9th.
[...] While taking our coffee after the Koslin gentlemen had left, the Chief [Bismarck] gave a somewhat different version to that which he related at Ferrières of the cigar incident at Frankfurt. He said : " It was in the Military Commission. At first only Buol smoked. Then one day I pulled a cigar out of my case, and asked him to give me a light. With a look of surprise at my audacity he gave it to me, to the profound astonishment of the other Powers. The incident was reported to the various Courts and also to Berlin. Then followed an inquiry from the late King, who did not smoke himself, and probably did not appreciate the thing. Thereupon the two Great Powers alone smoked for perhaps six months. Then suddenly Bavaria also appeared with a cigar, and after a time Saxony followed suit. Finally, Wurtemberg also felt it necessary not to remain behind, but this was obviously compulsory sacrifice to dignity, for he puffed his yellow weed with an air of surly determination, and afterwards laid it down half smoked. It was only Hesse-Darmstadt that abstained altogether, probably not feeling equal to such competition."

At tea, which was served in the Princess's room, the Prince [Bismarck] suddenly stood up, went to his wife's writing- table, and began to scribble away on a large sbeet of paper. He then came to me, handed me the writing, and said, "There, but take care, it is still wet." It was the letter of introduction to Schönhausen and Friedrichsruh which I had asked for on the previous afternoon, as I wished to start next morning. I was very pleased, and thanked him. "I find it very difficult to write with a pen," he said; "but then you wished to have it in my own hand." "All the more honour for me, your Serene Highness," I replied. "Now I have the souvenir I desire." "But why do you wish to leave so soon ?" he said. "Stay a little longer. You are not at all in the way, and you should see a little more of Varzin." I thanked him and said I should be delighted to remain a day or two longer, as I was only too happy to be near him. He said : " But you must allow me sometimes to go out walking or riding alone."

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