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Caroline Barnes Crosby -- 8 oktober 1848

• Caroline Barnes Crosby (1807-1884) was een mormoonse Amerikaanse vrouw, die in haar dagboeken (gepubliceerd in No Place To Call Home) veel heeft vastgelegd over het leven in een mormonengemeenschap in de 19de eeuw.

[30 Miles from Salt Lake Valley, Oct 8, 1848]
Sunday morning Oct 8th 1848 Yesterday came ten miles, staid near a small creek, had some very bad places to pass; br Barnard’s buggee capsised but did no injury of any account. This morning is very pleasant and warm. We are now almost thirty miles from the valley. Three days more will (we hope) land us at our place of destination. I hope I shall be truly thankful to God for his preserving care through so long and tidious a journey.
Monday morn. Yesterday we travelled about 9 miles through very bad roads camped in a valley or canyon entirely surrounded by mountains. Soon after we stoped we were joined by a frenchman and an indian with their families, who were going to the valley to buy provision. The frenchman has a squaw for his wife, they also had a young man and girl from the valley which they had hired, the young woman had been making butter and cheese for them.
Monday we came only a short distance. Father Luce’s wagon tire got broken had to stop to get mended. Br A Lyman, Flake and two other men came by us on horseback going on to the valley.
Tuesday we ascended and descended a very high mountain the teams had all they could do to draw the loads, on arriving at the top we had a glimpse of the valley of salt lake which we had so long been striving to reach. We all rejoiced and thought we were the same as there, but when we came to descend the mountain we found we had one of the worst and most crooked roads to pass over that ever was seen, we however got through safely and arrived within 14 miles of our place of destination before dark.
Wed— 11th warm and pleasant we some expect to roll into the valley to day.

[Arrival at Salt Lake Valley, Oct. 12, 1848]
Thu Oct 12th, Yesterday we were detained by rain, we travelled untill 3 or 4 oclock and then stoped, this morning is very pleasant, intend to make the best of our way into the valley, a little after noon we ascended and descended the last hill, found two families living in tents close the mouth of the canyon. I understood they had salt for sale, I went and bought some for salaratus. About 4 oclock we arrived within the fort the fi rst we saw of our acquaintances Phill B Lewis he told us sister P was at his house close by the gate we had just come through.

[Caroline’s initial daily journal ends upon completion of her venturesome wagon trip from the Des Moines River to the Great Salt Lake Valley. What follows is a fairly brief reminiscent account of the subsequent two years spent in Utah.]

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