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Samuel A. Agnew -- 3 oktober 1863

October 3, 1863. Quiet and dull day.
This has been another pretty day: clear and pleasant. This evening I noticed a few dry small clouds floating about, the most marked feature of the day has been its dulness. I have not noticed anyone passing the road today and consequently have no news. Every thing is quiet and still and dull. I have done nothing but loll about and scribble. Studied a little on Romans. As I have not written a sermon this week, today was too late to begin the work.--I must try to write a sermon every week hereafter.
Saw a "Clarion" of the 23d which was left here yesterday by Mr. Lewis envelloped for Mr. Bullock. From it I infer the battle was fought on the 19 and 20th, on Peavine Creek, 11 or 12 miles West of Ringgold. Gen. Preston Smith of Tenn. was killed, also Gen. Helm, [Gen.] Wofford and another whose name I do not remember. Several Generals were wounded. Did not from this paper get a very satisfactory account of the battle: the accounts being too meager.
It is unusual for me not to hear some rumors and reports every day but today I have none. After we lay down, between 10 and 11 o'clock a party of serenaders came and standing on the portico played on the accordian. It was very pretty. We do not know who our entertainers were. They were three in number, only one performed.

Samuel Andrew Agnew (1833-1902) was een Amerikaanse dominee, die vrijwel zijn gehele leven een dagboek bijhield.

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