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Orville Wright -- 6 oktober 1902

October 6
Will took order for groceries and sundry articles, also order for the delivery of the Lamson machine to Capt. Midgett, to Kitty Hawk after breakfast. He returned at ten o’clock with a large mess of bluefish and spots which the men at the Kitty Hawk life saving station had given him. We completed the change in the vertic. Tail, which we have reduced to one surface of 6 ft. area, and which is now operated in conjunction with the wing tips, turning toward the wing with the smaller angle of incidence so as to give it more resistance, and thus allow the wing with the larger angle, to rise more quickly. Mr. Herring put in the day setting the multiple-wing machine together, and in the evening took it to the large hill to attempt a few glides to ascertain its center of pressure. On the second glide down a hill with an inclination of about 12 ½º with an estimated velocity of 16 or 18 miles over the ground and a wind of five meters per second, after leaving the ground he alighted about 20 feet distant on then right wing and broke the main cross-span to the lower surface. We took the machine to camp where the wing was repaired temporarily in a few minutes. We erected the fifth cot “upstairs” and arranged camp so that the machine could be more easily stored. Mr. Herring makes predictions as to the relative lifts of the two machines, both with and without operator. With operator, Wright 18 miles, Chanute mult. wing 24 miles. Wright machine alone 10 miles, Chanute 7 miles.

The multiple wing machine contains 150 feet of surface beside the horizontal & vertical tails. The smart little mouse was found dead under trunk.

Orville Wright (1871-1948) was een Amerikaanse luchtvaartpionier. Gedeelten uit zijn dagboek zijn te vinden bij Wikisource.

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