zaterdag 15 juli 2017

Allen Ginsberg -- 16 juli 1962

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was een Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver. In zijn Indian Journals doet hij verslag van zijn verblijf in India in '62/'63.

July 16, '62
Heavy rain at dawn, woke & closed windows — dreamed long dream in New Jersey suburbs. Peter & I in bed & he begins with his hand pulling between his legs in bed & we float out into the rainwater I take over, and say when did you come last & he says, oh about 2 hours ago back there in bed before we floated out into the branchy suburban gutter on the rainwater — we're both in shorts & two inquisitive Indian passersby are standing over us — I realize he's had a phonecall before — He says a couple of kids we know young beat poets are coming out to visit — and the girls too — He says its 'Loen' — "Whom did you say it was?" —
The door rattles and old Moslem news vendor comes to sell the Statesman — I get out of bed & make him come out of rain while I rattle shirt pocket for money — going back to this dream — Who was that kid that came all the way to Newark? I realize if you go far enough out of the way people will interestingly come & visit.
Back to sleep, the rain continuing all moming while I read paper & stared out the window & read Buddhist Himalaya book till sleepiness o'ercame my eyes.

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