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Julia Brumfield -- 17 april 1922

• Julia Ann Craddock Brumfield (1846-1939) hield van 1915 tot 1936 een dagboek bij. Een gedeelte daarvan is hier te lezen,

Saturday, April 15, 1922
A good day Ben & Jim finished the ditch and cleaned out the springhouse. Jim plowed this evening. Ben worked on his car a little. Josie baked a cake this morning. Together we got dinner then I went to Reynols's. Bruce is at home. He brought Mollie some of the nicest candy I most ever saw.
Christenia was colering eggs for Easter. Johnson was fixing his tobacco land. Jim set one turkey today. Hope that the others will set soon.

Sunday, April 16, 1922
A cloudy day. No rain yet. We all staid at home all day. Ben worked on his car some.
Robert & Reubin Reynolds come a few minutes. I was glad that they come. They would not stay for dinner.
Josie & I got dinner. We had a roast hen and a very nice cake and not much besides.
I am glad that all are well as we are.

Monday, April 17, 1922
A cloudy cool day. Jim plowed all day. Ben cleaned up the branch in the morning. Henry and Edna went to school. Come home at noon & Ben and Josie and all of the children went to Mount Airy to a spelling bee. I staid at home a while. Norman Booker & family went to Level Run and to Jim Bookers fish trap. They had a fish fry. It was very nice much better than I expected. There was a crood there and all seemed to enjoy the sport. Norman Bookers horse got cut in the wire fence yesterday. I do so much thank them for taking me with them.

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