woensdag 20 januari 2016

May Dewey -- 21 januari 1889

• Florence May Dewey (1869-?) woonde in 1889 in New York en hield gedurende ruim een jaar een dagboek bij.

Monday 21 The Buckingham New York City Jared Baldwin came this evening. We started for the Windsor at 9:30 & were there early. What a lovely lovely time I have had. I was with Arthur Page a good deal also. Mr. Grey whom Flora brought, he is a charming fellow. I think that Mr. Page is a fascinating fellow he is so different from the majority of men. He asked me for the German & I was so glad for I wanted to dance with him. Mr. Grey & Jared Baldwin also asked me for it. For dinner I had Jared but I did want to go up with Mr. Grey so much. He asked me also Arthur Taylor. It was so amusing one time I was sitting on the stairs in a small hall & everyone that saw us turned & went back. One man said “I beg your pardon” no excuse was necessary I am sure. Mr. Grey is a beautiful dancer. It is like a dream dancing with him. I wish I knew him better. Mr. Page won’t tell me who told him that he wouldn’t like me. I believe it was himself. I asked him to call & I hope he will. All the fellows were nice to me. Emerson Brooks told me if I was with any fellows that I didn’t like to raise my eyebrows & he would bring another. But I had no occasion to do so. I enjoyed myself so much with Leslie Hotchkiss. Altogether it was a lovely evening. We got home at 2:30 & in bed after three as Ella & I wanted to talk it all over.

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