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Jervis McEntee -- 26 december 1883

Jervis McEntee (1828-1891) was een Amerikaaanse schilder. Hij hield van 1872 tot 1890 een dagboek bij.

Wednesday, Dec 26, 1883 We took a long and beautiful sleigh ride after breakfast. Two or three inches of snow fell last night and this with the hoar frost which still remained made a most fairy like landscape. Sara, Gussie, my father and I drove up to Kingston where we got Louise Broadhead and Frank and drove out to the Aunt Katrine cross road and came home by Flat-bush, a most beautiful ride, which we all enjoyed thoroughly. Sat down to a nice dinner and I went to N.Y. by 4.32 W.S. train. Arrived at my studio I found a note from Booth expressing great dissatisfaction that Downing had called at his house and requested to see Edwina. This made me almost sick. I hurried over to Vauxs and found a card on the door asking callers not to ring the bell as Mrs. Vaux was ill. Went in and saw Calvert & Marion and found Mary had a renewal of her Erysipelas, but was better. Showed Calvert and Marion Booths note which dumbfounded them. It was decided that I should go to Yonkers where Downing is, on the New Aqueduct work. Found I could not get back that night. Went to Getty House. Downing had gone out in his dress suit. Left a note for him and went to bed. He came in after an hour and awoke me. I had a serious talk and found him perfectly cool and as I felt pretty sound. He said he demanded from them an interview in order to vindicate himself from the calumnies going about concerning him which he felt was prejudicing them unjustly. He defended himself with spirit and I urged him to keep away from them to which he would not promise, but adhered to his right to demand of them, together if they preferred, a meeting and a hearing. I confess I could not help seeing a sense of justice in this while I advised as a more dignified course to let time be his vindication, and so we went to our respective beds.

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