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John Francis Norton -- 21 april 1925

• De Australische bisschop John Francis Norton (1891-1963) hield in 1925 een dagboek bij van een reis naar Europa.

21st to 24th April
When morning broke, there was no sign of Australia - that great, hospitable, sunny land with its generous open hearted people. No wonder a man grows to love it and to feel thankful to God that he has been called to work there. Let us hope that my nine and a half years work there has been of some use - and that want of good intention has not spoilt any of it. My brother priests often assure me that I have worked hard but I suppose it will only be when the great books are opened that I will know how the recording angel has judged them.
The weather during these four days was ideal - bright, warm and dry. During them the Bishop made great progress. He was able to sit on the deck and take good meals. Everything seemed to point to this fact that the Doctors were right when they urged this sea trip, as the one thing that would benefit the Bishop.
Unfortunately, on the evening of the 24th we ran into the real Indian Ocean weather - hot and moist. That night was dreadful. No one could get a wink of sleep, and when day broke there was no improvement.

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