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Vita Sackville-West -- 3 januari 1924

January 3. Went home with April, and dined home alone with H; talked to him about Pat, & finally wrote her a conciliatory letter. So bored with this row, and have moments of wishing most people at the bottom of the sea.

January 4. 34 Hill Street. Lunched at Portland Place, and in the afternoon took Ben, Nigel, Valerian, and Michael Montague to the Drury Lane Melodrama, shipwreck, motor accidents, fire, & a horse race. All very thrilling. Came home to find B.M., Gerald Berners, & Desmond McCarthy dinner; told murder stories till 12:30. He asks me to review for the Statesman & Empire Review, whose literary side he has just taken on.

January 6. Knole. Walked over to the cottage and back in the morning. I lay down in the afternoon, and between sleeping and waking started writing a poem about woods.

Vita Sackville-West (1892-1962) was een Engelse schrijfster. Delen uit haar dagboeken zijn opgenomen in Selected writings.

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