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Silas Constant -- 23 januari 1784

January 23, 1784. —At home.
January 23, 1785. —At home, visiting &c.
January 23, 1786. —Rode home, fine day, sleighing gone; rode to Mr. Halts' ; I Peter ii. 4.
January 23, 1787. —Cloudy and cold, went to Mrs. Budd's ; in the even- ing to School meeting at Esqr Lee's.
January 23, 1788. —Conference at Esqr Lee's in evening.
January 23, 1789. — Rode to New Rochelle; saw whale; to Mr. Tomp-
kins's &c..
January 23, 1790. —Preached at Yorktown, i Peter i. 3-4.
January 23, 1790. —The Church met, etc. Examined Sarah Lambert, Dalla Van Tassel, who were approved. The rest of the time spent in conversation and prayer.
January 23, 1791. —Preached at Peekskill, Psalms Ixxxvii. 3 ; [in the] evening [at] R. Curry's ; Acts ix.
January 23, 1792. —Clear and cold morning.
January 23, 1793. —Mr. Fowler preached at the meeting house ; married Gilbert Bishop and Hannah Carman ; John Hill and Phebe Smith.
January 23, 1794. —Snow storm; rode to Andrew Sutton's; married Griffin Budd and Katharen Sutton ; at Walter Ward's.
January 23, 1795. —At Frost's, Dr. Strang's, [and] Captain Strang's; reckoned with the latter.
January 23, 1796. —Studying &c; very warm.
January 23, 1797. —Pleasant morning; Sally went to John Highat's.
January 23, 1798. —Rode to Mr. McCoy's; married John McCoy and Anna Oakley; cold day.
January 23, 1799. —Rode to St. John's; to John Strang's; preached in the evening, Psalms Ixix. 18.
January 23, 1800. —Rode to Newark at Mr. Comb's.
January 23, 1801. —At Nathaniel Strang's [and] John Lee's; grows warmer.
January 23, 1802. —The Church met, etc. Nathaniel Wright offered himself for examination for Church fellowship. He was approved by the Church.
January 23, 1825. —Administered the Lord's Supper, previous to which the above candidates were received into the Church.

Silas Constant (1750?-1825) was een Amerikaanse dominee. Uit: The Journal of the Reverend Silas Constant, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Yorktown, New York.

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