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Sir Henry W. Lucy -- 13 januari 1895

January 13.
A gentleman already far at sea has sad and startling news awaiting him at his journey's end. This is Mr. George Baxter, Writer to the Signet, who has been acting as editor to the new Edinburgh edition of Stevenson's works. At the beginning of last week he took ship en route for Samba, carrying with him splendidly bound copies of the first two volumes of the Edinburgh edition. They were designed to delight the eyes of the author, who took an almost feverish interest in the fortunes of this monumental enterprise. Five days after Mr. Baxter sailed came news of the death of Stevenson, of the closing of the eyes that will never look upon the volumes prepared for his pleasure with tender care. It is curious to learn how Stevenson's later days were clouded with apprehension that he had lost his hold on the favour of the public. The success of the Edinburgh edition ought to have convinced him that this was an idle fancy. Published at something like a fancy price, it was immediately subscribed. Had the number been less strictly limited there would have been no lack of purchasers.

Henry William Lucy (1845-1924) was een Britse journalist en humoristisch schrijver. Dagboeknotities van zijn hand zijn verschenen als The Diary of a Journalist.

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

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