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E.M. Forster -- 29 juli 1912

July 29 Herbert. “Did Our Saviour ever go to India?”
Charlie’s romantic career. H. sprung her as “a cousin of John Redmond’s but a protestant”, and when introduced she depressed us beyond words: stif and mincing. She was said to have been a typist, but this, like the relationship was soon dropped, and her past is purely conjectural – I fancy that she was in a shop, and that he, attracted by her beautiful hair, married her in the end out of good nature, for she was not strong and has a bad hand and eye. They took a furnished cottage at Chalfont, where we once visited them – oh horrid memory! Nearly ruined, and ill with the damp, they retired to her mother’s, which was the beginning of C’s salvation. She learnt the elements of housekeeping and middleclass deportment. Afer a time they took an unfurnished cottage of their own at Longfeld, and under the aegis of their landlady she entered the society of the countryside. Now they have moved to Meopham, and are quite on their own, with abundant friends. – A remarkable and pleasing incident. All shyness gone,even her figure has altered. Very pleasant natured, and not stupid. But it was a near shave. If we had known anything, she would have gone down, like Mrs Philip,and even if we had invented some damning defnition about her. But being so appalled, we were dumb, each waiting for the other, and during the pause she recovered. – I do not feel her my equal though, and resent her calling me Morgie.
Herbert has couriered 3 youths on the Broads for a week. They sound to have been detestable, and he a bore.

E.M. Forster (1879-1970) was een Britse schrijver. Gedeelten uit zijn Locked Diaries zijn hier te lezen.

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