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David Zeisberger -- 1 december 1782

Sunday, Dec. 1. On the first day of Advent, Br. David preached, exhorting the brethren to give their hearts to the Coming of our Saviour, that they might rejoice in his birth, to receive him, and with joy take him into their hearts, for then they could expect many blessings from him.
To-day came back some Indian brethren who had been to the settlements; they brought word that another attack had been made upon the Shawanese towns, and three of their towns wasted and ravaged, many Indians thereby perishing. Since many of our Indian brethren live near there, this news caused us anxiety about them, that at least some of them might have been affected, but we have no further news how it is with them, and we eagerly wish soon to hear about them. We heard, however, that many of our Indians stayed there, and this makes us uneasy about them.

Diary of David Zeisberger (1721-1808), a Moravian missionary among the Indians of Ohio (1885).

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