zaterdag 10 november 2012

Edward Walford Manifold -- 10 november 1917

It rained heavily all day. In the morning I went down to the canal bank to see the staff captain of the first division about our RE material, as they were shouting for it from the guns. This way of getting material proved almost as fruitless as putting in through brigade as they simply made a note of the stuff we want and that was all that was done about it. The first division had attacked early in the morning, trying to push obliquely along the ridge towards Rosebeeke and although they were successful in gaining their objectives they eventually had to retire to their old line as the mud was impossible. All their Lewis guns and rifles got jammed with mud and the Hun put down a very heavy barrage too. Our big guns 12' and 9' were blazing away hard as I went down to the canal and making a great noise.

Edward Walford Manifold (1892-1959) was een Australiër die in WW 1 diende. Zijn dagboeken en brieven uit die tijd worden in dagelijkse afleveringen gepubliceerd op

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