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Alfred A. Cunningham -- 5 november 1917

Monday, November 5, 1917
At sea, S.S. "St. Paul"

Last night the wind rose to a full gale and seas began breaking over the forecastle. 12 bags of powder for the guns were washed overboard. Several men just escaped the same fate trying to rescue the balance of it. The gale was worst this morning but it has been almost the same all day and tonight green water is racing down the Promenade Deck. They say the barometer is going down, which probably means we will get it worse during the night. I will be perfectly satisfied to have it smooth down some. I am not seasick because I ate a normal dinner. Lunch was not quite normal. I have a headache which is a credit and I get dizzy occasionally watching the salon or stateroom continuously acting like that kite balloon at Philadelphia in a storm. It must rise and fall 50 feet and then dive sideways about the same distance. And the worst of it is, that it is practically continuous. Hope for better luck tomorrow.

Alfred A. Cunningham (1881-1939) was een Amerikaanse legerpiloot. Hij hield in 1917/1918 een dagboek bij toen hij in Frankrijk gestationeerd was; het is verschenen onder de titel Marine flyer in France.

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