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James Woodforde -- 8 april 1761

James Woodforde (1740-1803) was dominee in het dorp Weston Longville in het Engelse Norfolk. Hij hield 44 jaar een dagboek bij; gedeeltes daaruit zijn gepubliceerd als The Diary of a Country Parson 1758 – 1802.

April 8th, 1761
Nosegays for Peckham & myself                 pd. 0..0..1
For two Rolls of Pomatum of my Barber      pd. 0..1..0
For the Barber to Drink -                           gave 0..1..0
N:B: It is always when one has a new Wigg
- For Fruit                                                 pd..- 0..0..5
 I went to the Town Hall where I saw Lord Robert Spencer, his Brother Lord Charles's Representative, & Sir James Dashwood, made Members for the County of Oxford, I saw them both chaired, no opposition at all. At Bragg in the BCR, with Oglander, Ridly, Caswall, Ballard, Peckham, & Master  - won 0..1..0

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