zondag 24 april 2016

Christopher Isherwood -- 24 april 1944

Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986) was een Britse, in de VS wonende schrijver. Hij hield het grootste deel van zijn leven een dagboek bij.

April 24. Am in bed. The day before yesterday, while seeing For Whom the Bell Tolls with Sudhira (who is up and about again) I developed a pile [= aambei]. I called Peggy and suggested that Bill Kiskadden should come down and cut it open for me — thinking, in the kindness of my heart, that this would be a nice treat for him, since he never gets any surgery to do in the army. So Bill came, with his little knife. It hurt like hell. I yelled clear around the block, and immediately knew I'd gotten a black mark for doing it. Bill is a spartan.
However, the pain — or rather, the discomfort: it's nothing more — is a great relief, because, for the moment, it takes the sting out ot the X. situation. You can't be in love when you have a sore behind.

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