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Winifred Llewhellin -- 7 januari 1917

• Winifred Llewhellin (1879-1931) was een Britse huisvrouw (uit de betere stand). Ze hield een dagboek bij van haar 16de tot aan haar dood.

January 7th, Sunday
This day passed uneventfully. I like Sundays though as when one works pretty hard all the week one is glad to rest. Win was at Hospital all day, she has been there for the last three days and as she is going to Bath on Monday for a week we get little of her company.

January 8th
Job Dinnett the mole catcher came today and set his traps. I went out with him and a most awful snowstorm came on, it was freezing and I nearly died of cold. I took the children up to tea with Mr Love today, he gave us a royal repast and we played games till 7.0! all having enjoyed ourselves very much and he walked back with us.

January 9th
The vilest and most freezing day blowing a hurricane but in spite of most inclement weather Pink and I dug away at the new bed we are making for the flowering shrubs. It was very hard work and we couldn't do much.

January 10th
Dinnett has caught six moles here, we should get rid of them soon at this rate. Pink went off with him and they had lunch at a farm away near Dinnington. I took the children to a party today to the Symons. The kind people sent their car for us and brought us home again, most awfully polite I thought it. There were a lot of children there and in spite of many grumblings I think my two microbes quite enjoyed themselves but how they hate going to parties.

January 11th, Thursday to January 19th, Friday
An uneventful week has passed and I foresee many others to follow. I also foresee that my efforts to write a Diary will be very spasmodic! I am feeling bereft this evening as both Mother and Pinkie have left and I do miss them both so much. My little son is such a companion, he is always about with me doing jobs and is of the utmost help, besides its such a joy having someone to work with instead of always doing so alone. I have a probable prospect, a great joy in front of me. Am trying to arrange with my dear B to come and be governess to my babies and I am hoping she will consent. I should enjoy it so very very much, it would be such an enormous pleasure to have her under the same roof again and would seem just like old times.

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