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Keith Jack -- 10 januari 1917

•  Keith Jack (1885-1966)  maakte deel uit van Ernest Shackleton's gestrande Zuidpool-expeditie van 1914-17. Hij hield in die periode een dagboek bij. Fragmenten daaruit staan hier online.

10th January 1917
Hardly know what to write. Relief ship arrived this morn. Had just finished breakfast and Richards went out of hut returning a moment later shouting as he entered door "Come on she's here." Suppose from our faces expressed some doubt for he again said "Yes come on she's here, the ship's here" and with this all hands made a bolt for the door. The eyes took a moment to accustom themselves to the glare after the gloom of the hut but sure enough there was a ship lying off the Barne Glacier away to the NW, looking at first very like a berg of which there were many in the Sound at the time. I can't describe our feelings they were too deep. It was not a time for words our hearts were too full for this and I am not ashamed to say that tears of sheer joy forced their way into my eyes in spite of myself. To think that our long wait was over at last and that relief had come - no more blizzards and frost seared feat and hands – no more reeking blubber fumes – no more butchery of innocent seals – no more sledging – it was too good to be true. Was it to be wondered that one should be overcome at a time like this. It did not take long to decide to go out to the ship which kept cruising slowly along the edge of the fixed ice some six miles off. While a sledge was being packed I climbed the snow slope SE of hut in hope that someone on ship would see the black object moving against white background and thereby know somebody was at the hut. Learnt afterwards no-one had seen me. About 10.30 all the others left with sledge load of gear while I remained to take observations etc…”

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