zaterdag 6 september 2014

Henry Sydney -- 6 september 1680

Henry Sydney (1641-1704) was een Engelse staatsman; hij was vaak in de Lage Landen om er te lobbyen voor het bestijgen van de Britse troon door Willem III. Fragmenten uit zijn dagboeken van rond 1680 zijn hier te lezen.

I was to take my leave of the Prince (Willem III). He told me two of his chief businesses were to concert with the Count de Waldeck about the project of keeping up an army, and when that is done the King may take it or leave it as he pleases. The other business is the match for my Lady Ann, which he intends to do, if it be possible. He thinks it will be necessary to give a bribe to the chief Minister, Monsieur Plat, 5 or £6000.

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