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Samuel Sewall -- 19 augustus 1724

Samuel Sewall (1652-1730) was een Amerikaanse koopman, rechter en essayist. Zijn dagboek is hier te lezen.

1724 August 19th. Mrs Ruggles sends her daughter to acquaint us, that our son John had a flux and vomited. As we went to Boston, we called to see him, he being considerable ill. As we goe by Dr Tompson's we asked for him and he was not at home. Call as we came back and take the Dr. with us. The Dr. did not perceive any danger, but we thought he was better, and so left him and went home.

August 19th, being a very stormy, rainy morning, it having rained abundance in the night and continuing stormy with a great deal of rain, JMrs. Ruggles' son came to acquaint us, early in the morning, that the child had been very bad all night. Matthew carried my wife forthwith in the calash, and by the time she could gett into the house he fetched his last breath and died. Mrs. Woods laid him out, who watched with him the night before.

20th, Mr. Craft and Matthew put him in his coffin, and in the evening Matthew carried it in my calash to Boston.

August 21st, went with wife and Henry to the funeral. Four young gentlemen carried him to the tomb with napkins, viz Mr Addington Davenport, junior, Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, Mr Edmund Quincey, and Mr Samuel Mather, son of Dr. C. Mather. Gave them rings and gloves. Gave Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Rugles son and daughter, and Matthew, a pair of gloves. A large funeral for a child. Put his coffin upon my sister Hannah's in grandfather Hull's tomb, whose name he bore. I asked brother Cooper to goe to prayer after the funeral. Son John had severall convulsive fitts, and, as I am informed, died in one.

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