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Andy Warhol -- 15 augustus 1984

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was een Amerikaanse kunstenaar. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1976-1987.

Wednesday, August 15, 1984
I'm still looking for ideas. This fall it'll be a whole new look, new people. Because five years into the decade is when it really becomes a decade. The eighties. They'll be looking over all the people and picking the ones trom the last five years that'11 survive as the eighties people. It's when the people from the first five years will either become part of the future or part of the past.
Worked till 4:30. Cab to the crystal doctor and this time it was a real experience. This session was like an exorcism. He had me lie down on his table and close my eyes, and then he asked me, "Do you know where you are?" and I kept saying, "Well what do you mean?" and he kept saying, "Do you know where you are?" And I kept saying, "What do you mean?" and finally I said I was lying on his table and he said, "Oh, I thought you might not know because your eyes were closed." And he would touch me here and there and when I wouldn't have any reaction he said that I wasn't in touch with my pain. But it didn't hurt is the thing. But he said it was because I wasn't sensitive to the pain yet and that I would have to become sensitive to it. And he took my crystal and asked it, "How long? One minute? Two minutes? One hour? One day?" And at four days the crystal told him yes, so that's how long it's going to take for this crystal to be programmed. I said that I could go and get another one that'll be ready sooner. He said no. So I'm going to wait four days and then I have to have it with me always and not more than ten feet away when I'm asleep. I really do believe that all this hokum-pokum helps, though. It's positive thinking. And it's why people wear gold and jewels. It does have something. And if you wear pearls around a stone it does do something for you. He said I had some negative powers in me and I asked him how long I would have to come to him and he didn't teil me. It's so abstract. But you do feel better when you get out. And the funniest thing was I picked up some chiropractor magazine and Jack Nicholson, our Interview cover boy, was on the cover of that, too. Standing with this chiropractor to the stars.
I had a fight with Fred. His attitude is so — it's like he's a magazine-editor-on-the-phone. And I don't know if he's on the ball or not. I know he's doing his best, but...

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