woensdag 18 december 2013

Harry S. Truman -- 19 december 1947

December 19:
Sent to Congress the European Recovery Plan (Marshall Plan).

No Presidential Message in my tenure has had the same careful consideration.

Had the Dep[artmen]t of Interior survey our assets, the Dep[artmen]t of Commerce survey the impact on our economy after a survey had been made by the Council of Economic Advisors [sic].

Had the Treasury look into the financing.

And finally had State, Defence [sic] and the White House Secretariat, headed by John Steelman, Cabinet Secretary and Clark Clifford, Special Council[,] prepare a draft of a message. After seven or eight trials one came up, on which all could finally agree.

It is a good message and a historical State Document.

Congress adjourned. We obtained the Interim Aid Plan & the money-part of it. But Congress tore its pants on the economic situation. They gave us a perfectly assinine [sic] bill-thanks to Taft.

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) was de 33ste president van de Verenigde Staten (1945-1953). In 1947 hield hij een dagboek bij.

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