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Alfred A. Cunningham -- 4 december 1917

Tuesday, December 4, 1917

Hotel de France, Pau, France

Got up at 6:30 and rushed to catch the train. After breakfast at the Ecole I looked through all the shops and buildings and watched the flying. Saw no serious accident, although I heard there were 2 at 1 of the fields. After dinner at the Circle de Officers I watched some good acrobatic flying by the chief pilot. They were taking movies of him. After visiting the hangar where the Wright Bros. made their first flight in France, I was driven to the acrobacy field and watched the pupils do the reinversements, "barrel" etc. for the first time. You could see from the ground they were nervous about it. Lieut. Simon then went up in "The Black Cat" and did the most wonderful stunts within 500 ft. of the ground. He is the best flyer in France and a very nice fellow. I like the Nieuport very much but it is certainly quick and nervous. There are an unusual number of Americans here learning to fly for the French Flying Corps. The French seem to be giving out of good material for aviators. Their students do not show up well. The sun shone all day but it was cold. I took a few kodak pictures. I received a package by mail here today which was forwarded from Phila, so there must certainly be some letters waiting for me in Paris. I can hardly wait to get there and hear from my little girl. It has been over a month now since I left and I have not heard a word from her. It seems an age and I will be happy and relieved if I find mail from her in Paris. I like Pau better than any place I have been in France. The scenery is beautiful and the people seem to be human. I have to get up early so had better turn in.

Alfred A. Cunningham (1881-1939) was een Amerikaanse legerpiloot. Hij hield in 1917/1918 een dagboek bij toen hij in Frankrijk gestationeerd was; het is verschenen onder de titel Marine flyer in France.

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