zondag 22 december 2013

Benjamin Britten -- 21 december 1934

Friday 21 December [Lowestoft]
My neck's not really much better, so I stay in bed for breakfast. Practise pft, & viola, Gram. for rest of day. Bazil comes for a short walk, tea, & gram. & viola & pft. duetting. In evening listen to an E.M. Delafield play 'the Little Boy' which began well, but petered out rather badly. Also a contemporary concert of Hindemith - Concert Musik for Pft, Brass & Harps. (which contains some of the best Hindemith, & Mathias the Painter, a new symphony - hard to judge, thro' wireless, & because of a scratch performance. I get so sick of these shows without any precision or conviction - technically not bad, but that's all. (The work had some nice things but seemed to wander at times).

Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) was een Engelse componist, pianist en dirigent. Zijn dagboeken uit zijn jonge jaren (1928-1938) zijn gepubliceerd als Journeying Boy.

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