zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Roger Whitley -- 16 februari 1686

16. Tuesday, I dined at home; after dinner Jones came; stayd awhile; past 4 I went out with my daughters to visit Mrs Vanbrug at Mr Weyman's house; there was he and severall (men and women) in the roome; we stayd awhile; he inquired how my businesse went; if nothing would be abated & I told him, I had but little hopes but must be content not to speake though I might think &c; my daughters went home; I went to the Tower; there was Lord Scarsdale, Lady Brandon; her sister & aunt with my Lord; then came one Mr Tipping (stranger to me) I stayd till neare 7; then came home.

Roger Whitley (1618-1697). Diary of a Cheshire gentleman, Whig Member of Parliament for Chester in 1689-97 and landholder in Wales, covering a period in which he steered a difficult political course.

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