zaterdag 23 februari 2013

A. Bennett -- 23 februari 1964

Llanberis 22/23/2/64
The weather cold and clear. Walking parties out in all directions on Snowdon and Glyders in search of reasonable snow conditions which could be used for Sundays training programe. Unfortunately the snow where deep enough proved to be too dry and powdery.

* Sat evening (Incident)
Called out by Air Traffic control to proceed to Pentrefoelas on the A 5 to meet the Army who had lost (once again) some of their cadets. Having arrived there at 22.10 hrs we learned that 5 cadets where lost on the Denbigh moors but had tents and food. The weather being foul with visibility down to zero we snatched a few hours sleep in the waggons and started the search at first light: We found the cadets at approx 11.20 hrs, And returned to base at Llanberis.

A. Bennett NCO i/c VMRT

Uit logboek Royal Air Force - Mountain Rescue Association.

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