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Leo Vroman -- 22 februari 2005

Tuesday, february 22
9:39 a.m. T went to Summit Bank downstairs with Ruby to help her start a checking account, and at 1:15 she is going with the Tom Thumb run to buy things, while I should go to a reception for someone turning 92 to see how the one for me should be fed, but on March 4, T's birthday, there is one for somebody turning 100. Still active, only started walking with a cane recently, still dances a little but probably does not sing. Hannie R had sent an e-mail directing me to the website dewindroos, for poets in Holland, so I wrote on the site that I had nothing to say and got an answer and then wrote back that there was 1 thing about their selection of the Dichter des Vaderlands, won by a joker who writes somewhat tolerable rhymes and ran unto all bars in Groningen to collect votes. I said a committee would be better, though his method does resemble our democratic way of electing officials, but I assume no Dutch poet bought tv time to air a masterpiece.

Leo Vroman (1915) is bioloog, dichter en schrijver. In 2006 verscheen zijn Misschien tot morgen. Dagboek 2003-2006.

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