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Willard Kilts -- 3 maart 1892

Thursday, March 3, 1892
There was a cold high wind today and the roads were very heavy. In the morning, Will Goodell and I got out at 5:30 in the Metropolitan Hotel and had our breakfast. Then we took the streetcar to New Hartford and helped feed the horses. I cleaned and harnessed Dolly. We went in and let the horses eat until 8:30. We then started with Dolly and the colts for Herkimer and arrived there about 10:40. We put out at the Hubbard House and fed all of the horses and had our dinner. Dolly would not eat at all. We left Herkimer about 1:30 and paid $1.65 for our dinner. We came to Little Falls and got the mail. I stopped at Bellinger's and Cora got ready and came home with me. We reached home at 4:30.
John and Mike had done the chores. John went after sawdust with the colts and got home just before me with a large load of sawdust. Carrie went to Little Falls with John and went over to Houpt's in Newville to visit until next Wednesday. Kaine finished the chores. We are milking 13 cows and have two heifers who lost their calves (slinks) and 8 cows did not cleanse. All are milking pretty well.
The colts went ahead of Dolly for about 75 miles of the way and came through very nicely, not bothering scarcely any.
When we stopped to Goodell's, they told us that Ed had trouble in his eyes and is likely to lose sight of one of them.

* Willard Kilts' Diary
* Willard Kilts (1863-1899)

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