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Jenkin Lloyd Jones -- 18 maart 1863, 1864, 1865

Near Helena, Wednesday, March 18. 1863
Very warm. Felt a little better. Nothing very interesting.

Huntsville, Friday, March 18. 1864
A beautiful day. Sick none the better. Tommy is very low, unable to be up, while he is kept strong by medicine all of the time. 111th Illinois Infantry marched in from Nashville direct from the State, the largest regiment I have seen South, said to be attached to our Division. Matthies is commanding Division. Smith on furlough.

9 A. M. Formed procession and marched to the funeral of Murphy, fourth piece leading the procession. A chaplain officiated at the grave. Received mail in the afternoon. Reports of the guerrilla raid not as hideous as yesterday.

Chattanooga, Saturday, March 18. 1865
A very beautiful spring day, and I did not go out to the hills, but have been on duty all day, scoring in the forenoon and nailing shakes on the houses in the afternoon. Quit early and policed camp nicely for Sunday. We have got three shelters covered and three more ready. The new men have been put on duty and seem well satisfied with the change.

Jenkin Lloyd Jones (1843-1918) was een vooruitstrevende Amerikaanse predikant (en de oom van architect Frank Lloyd Wright). Als soldaat in de Amerikaanse burgeroorlog hield hij een dagboek bij: An Artilleryman's Diary. Later werd hij een verklaard pacifist.

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