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Deborah Bradley -- 5 april 1968

Deborah Bradley was Assistant Professor of Music Education, en publiceerde in 2005 dit dagboekfragment. Authentiek?

 Friday, April 5, 1968
What an awful day! I don’t want to be here at all. Someone shot Martin Luther King, Jr. last night in Memphis. Everybody at school is crazy today. Some people are laughing and making jokes about him; some people are saying they are glad he is dead. I can’t stop crying. What makes anyone think that killing someone is a good way to solve a problem? Just when I thought maybe white and black people in this country were beginning to learn to get along with each other, someone kills Martin Luther King. Now what is going to happen? I bet whoever is responsible will try to convince us all that Rev. King was shot by one crazy person acting all alone. Maybe it’s possible. I wonder if I’ll ever find out who really killed John Kennedy? I probably could believe Lee Harvey Oswald did that all by himself except that I watched him executed on live TV. I remember my dad saying exactly that as we watched Oswald bleeding: “if he dies we’ll never know the truth.” He died.

I had a really hard time concentrating at school today. I wish my mom hadn’t made me go – she knew I was upset but she thought going to school would take my mind off Rev. King’s assassination. She doesn’t realize how rotten a place school can be sometimes. If it weren’t for chorus and my music theory class I would absolutely hate it. . . . .Oh well, only two more months until we graduate. . . . I guess I can stand it that much longer.

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